Monday, September 30, 2013

Craftsy..... Are YOU a Member?????

Good Morning~ Today I want to share a few projects that I have posted on Craftsy! Are You a member ? It is a GREAT Place to find inspiration and take classes, post projects that you have
 made and meet like minded people.

 Click the LINKS below to see some more Projects from A Family Affare....

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   Thanks for taking time to read my Blog ~ Kelli

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Polymer Clay Rose and Sari Silk Bracelet
 These are not the most recent pieces I
 made, but they do show a couple of
roses I made out of polymer clay. I made
these for a friend that wanted something
a little different than she usually wore and
the colors she wanted were a Granny Smith
Apple Green and a Teal/Turqouise color. 
She liked the Roses I made in different 
colors with polymer clay, so I knew what
I was making but those colors together 
made me a bit unsure. I started by making
a blend of the two colors and added a pearl
clay,to give it a little SPARKLE . I sculpted
the roses and thought " I hope the colors are
not SO NEON bright when they are finished
baking!!!" Well they did turn out a little on
the bright side but overall looked good .
Playing with Polymer Clay.........

My next step was to figure out how I was
going to turn these Roses into usable jewelry
components.... It was a good thing I made
EXTRA . I ruined the first two trying to cut
the backs so they were flat and would lay
right as focals. That is when I found a piece
of filligree that used to be the base of a pair
of clip on earrings I had taken apart and I
knew how I would make the focal for the
bracelet . I attached the rose to the filigree
using Bake and Bond (a liquid clay
bonding agent) after re-baking to cure the
Bake and Bond, I had my focal ready to
attach to my bracelet... I had the perfect
piece of Sari Silk from NorthcottWilson on
Etsy. I attached the filigree rose focal and
sari silk using a bezel I made from
Argentium Silver wire along with the
hook which is part of the hook and
eye closure. The eye of the closure is a
loop i made with the sari silk. I was
so excited to finish that bracelet but I
still had the necklace to design...
Polymer Clay and Czech Fire Polished Crystal Necklace

  At least I had drilled a STRAIGHT hole thru one of the Roses to use for the focal of the necklace. The only guideline had to follow was to make it a three strand necklace, I thought that wouldn't be to tough. But I thought WRONG!!!! Before I was finished I took all SIX strands (three on each side) apart THREE times!
I attached a three strand connector with a wrapped loop and put it thru the hole I drilled thru the rose, attached another three strand connector and finished with another wrapped loop. That was the easy part. Next I attached Soft Flex Sterling Silver 19 Strand medium wire to the three strand connectors. I used different shaped crystals ~ rounds and rondels in 6-8mm size, It looked GREAT, so i finished with two more three strand connectors and attached the lobster clasp and was FINISHED!!! Not so lucky, since it was the first time I had made a three strand necklace, I didn't take in to consideration the size or shape of the beads, or that the strands had to get a bit longer as I worked towards the outside strand!!!! WOW it took a whole night of beading those strands and re-beading until FINALLY I worked out the design FLAWS and was really DONE!!! After ALL that work I wanted to keep both pieces, but I also knew I had to start making a little money to keep funding my bead addiction...


Friday, September 20, 2013

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  I have joined bloglovin !!! I have added a lot of the blogs that I read already!! I am new to blogging so I am hoping this will be an easier way for me to keep things a little more organized!!! I like the idea of Social Media/Networking but it takes a little time to get acclimated with all the different sites and tools out there. I can't wait to get to the FUN Blogging instead of the learning stage!!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


This has been a long, long time coming for me and the next step for A Family Affare!!! Please bare with me while I test the waters in the blogger world!!! I FINALLY set up a blog so I can participate in the Beads of Courage Extravaganza and Art Charm Swap Hosted by Jen Cameron at!!!! I am super excited and cant wait to get started!!! Lets HOPE I can navagate this blogger site!!!

  I will TRY and post Pictures of some of my work later today!!! I have heard blogger is a little harder than word press to use so I am crossing my fingers that I am able to figure it out!!!

 Off to go "picking" for old rusty,wooden,metal,iron treasures!!!This is my other passion finding a treasure amongst the trash at garage sales, Flea Markets, or old barns and abandoned houses!!!